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The results are in!

:bulletblue: :iconkawaii-kekki: has taken a tally of all the votes submitted for the round 1 beta kids voice actors! She made sure to be careful and try not to miss any votes. The good thing is, there is a pretty wide margin between many of the numbers, so even if a mistake was made (hopefully not, considering the attention I payed to keeping the votes straight!) it probably wouldn't make a big difference anyways.
:bulletpurple: There were a few things that required attention, and those will be mentioned shortly, after the vote totals are listed.  
:bulletred: The top vote-getters for each section will be sent a small questionnaire regarding some important info the group will need to know, as well as some stuff just to know a little bit about them. These questionnaires will be sent as DA notes from :iconkawaii-kekki:! The answers these candidates have should either be sent back to kk or to the group by way of the handy "send a note" button located on the group toolbar above.
:bulletgreen: We had some great auditions! We really appreciate the work everybody did sending in auditions for us. We thank all participants, be they fans who voted or potential voice actors! Also, a big thanks to anybody who spread the word, especially on sites like Tumblr and DA. We apologize if you missed the chance to vote or enter the competition, and encourage everybody who didn't make it this time to try again some other time when we audition for more characters. :iconthanksplz::iconthanksplz::iconthanksplz::iconthanksplz::iconthanksplz::iconthanksplz:

The Results!

:bulletblue: JOHN :bulletblue:
1. #6 :iconcastformrain: 25 votes
2. #4 :iconpastelpacifist: 14 votes
3. #8 :iconadoxographist: 8 votes
4. #7 :iconmrthemock: 1 vote
5. ??? Nobody vote for a fifth person!! :iconawkwardplz: We will address that later in this post! So keep reading!

:bulletpurple: ROSE :bulletpurple:
1. TIED #13 :iconsableaire: 14 votes :iconawkwardplz:
1. TIED #21 :iconadoxographist: 14 votes :iconawkwardplz:
2. #6 :iconartistofwonderland: 6 votes
3. #19 :iconluvangelpie: 2 votes
4. #12 :iconminimoonp: 2 votes
5. #2 :iconleviporn: 1 vote

:bulletgreen: JADE :bulletgreen:
1. #29 :iconadoxographist: 16 votes
2. #2 :iconluvangelpie: 8 votes
3. #9 :iconartistofwonderland: 7 votes
4. TIED #10 :icontehtnicasolis: 2 votes :iconawkwardplz:
4. TIED #14 :iconminimoonp: 2 votes :iconawkwardplz:
4. TIED #28 :iconinunatnat: 2 votes :iconawkwardplz:
5. TIED #32 :iconredasatomato: 1 vote :iconawkwardplz:
5. TIED #11 :iconayakochi: 1 vote :iconawkwardplz:
5. TIED #13 :iconblueberrytealove: 1 vote :iconawkwardplz:
5. TIED #18 :iconalexa-heart: 1 vote :iconawkwardplz:
5. TIED #26 :iconsparkz8d: 1 vote :iconawkwardplz:
5. TIED #27 :iconrenegade-gryphon: 1 vote :iconawkwardplz:

:bulletred: DAVE :bulletred:
1. #10 :iconmaelstromxii: 18 votes
2. #2 :iconpastelpacifist: 11 votes
3. #1 :icondaemok: 8 votes
4. #7 :iconbeastkachu-x: 4 votes
5. TIED #11 :iconrezindez: 2 votes :iconawkwardplz:
5. TIED #12 :iconpfreak387: 2 votes :iconawkwardplz:
6. #8 :iconmrthemock: 1 vote

As you can see, we have some issues with ties and a missing 5th person! Here's our solution!

:bulletblue: For John, who is missing a fifth candidate, :iconkawaii-kekki:, who did not vote, will be vetting a fifth person to go on.
:bulletred: bulletgreen:Jade and Dave have ties with 6 highest scores including the ties. To fix this problem, we will just interview a 6th person. Hooray, one more chance to show what you've got!
:bulletpurple: Though people are tied to a spot for Rose, there are only 5 highest scorers including the tie, so there is no problem.

So the deviants who will officially be receiving questionnaires are:

:iconpervyjohnplz::bulletblue: John - :iconcastformrain:, :iconpastelpacifist:, :iconadoxographist:, :iconmrthemock:, and :icon100-percent-empoleon: (picked by :iconkawaii-kekki: to have a fifth)
:iconpervy-roseplz::bulletpurple: Rose - :iconsableaire:,  :iconadoxographist:, :iconartistofwonderland:,  :iconluvangelpie: , and :iconminimoonp:  
:iconpervyjadeharleyplz::bulletgreen: Jade -  :iconadoxographist:,  :iconluvangelpie: , :iconartistofwonderland:, :icontehtnicasolis: , :iconminimoonp:, and  :iconinunatnat:
:iconpervydaveplz::bulletred: Dave - :iconmaelstromxii:, :iconpastelpacifist:, :icondaemok:, :iconbeastkachu-x: ,  :iconrezindez:, and  :iconpfreak387:

Other Stuff! Important for Contest Winners!

:bulletblack: We recognize there are a few people who will be in Round 2 for multiple roles. We encourage you to audition for both parts, even if you only want to accept 1!
:bulletwhite: In addition, we will offer winners of the Round 2 the chance to choose which characters they voice if they get a majority of the votes for 2 or more characters (ex. First place for Rose and Dave is the same person, which would be a weird situation...) They may choose to voice both or just 1 of them if they'd like. We leave that decision up to them when the time comes if that ends up being the situation.

About Round 2!

:bulletblack: The second round will feature another audition with a script specially prepared for each character. A variety of lines will be presented as well as different emotions noted that we'd like to hear. A copy of the script will be provided to both listeners and entrants. The script is not a cohesive monologue but rather a mixture of different lines.
:bulletwhite: Round 2 will not begin until all the questionnaires have been returned (2 weeks from when they are sent -6/17- is the time limit, but we will start earlier if we get them all back before then) and the second round scripts have been finished. The scripts have much of the lines in them already, but several more lines are being added at the moment.
:bulletblack: Round 2 will again be decided by majority vote. The entrant with the most votes for a character will be the official VA for that character. The ,I>entrant with the second most votes for a character will be the understudy</I> for that character (they will take over in case the VA resigns, goes missing for a long time, etc, and also have the opportunity to work on fun, in-house character voice acting like for the nakodiles).
:bulletwhite: Any ties in Round 2 will be decided by :iconkawaii-kekki: who reserves her vote until the end for that very purpose.

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MisterMangekyo Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
Welp, I tried.
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Don't feel too bad! We'll have plenty of other auditions you can try out for in the future. :3
MisterMangekyo Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Yeah, I'll probably still be auditioning again in the future. I'm not about to quit now!
pfreak387 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Sweet someone actually liked my Dave. Thank you people!
ArtistofWonderland Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ASDFGHJKL *Rolls around in a pile of nervousness and also total happiness*
XD Oh my gosh, Jade!!
Renegade-Gryphon Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
While I am a little sad that I didn't make it, I'm happy for those that did. Congratulations to all of you; you did great! :)

And thank you so very much to the person who voted for me; it means a lot to me that someone likes my performance. =;w;=

And thank you :iconcastformrain: for your feedback on my audition; I know it sounds tacky, but really you made me feel like a winner with your comment and kept me from despairing over my abilities, even though you didn't vote for me. =^w^=

I will continue to be active in this project in the other areas, and I will definitely be practicing my troll voices. And just because I didn't get the part doesn't mean I won't keep voicing Jade for the fun of it so expect to hear me on YouTube. :P

Again, congratulations to everyone who made it and best of luck in the next round.
Crysi102 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Holy Gog almighty I'm getting so excited! :squee:
Round 1 was really difficult to choose! I can only imagine what round 2 will be like... Wow... :O
I can't wait~ :D
100-percent-empoleon Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Thanks for choosing me :)
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No prob! :3 I have been listening to all the auditions as well, and I really enjoyed hearing everybody's! XD
100-percent-empoleon Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
Yeah, at the end a glitch happened and some audio replayed, sorry
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Alexa-heart Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Haha thank you to whoever voted for me! And even though I didn't make it I am definitely going to try out for the trolls when that happens!
leviporn Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much the person that voted for me haha! I'm really relived a script will be provided and thanks for everyone working so hard on this!! ^ ^
Lloyd-Dono Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
mine was really bad because i did mine at night and had to be very quiet, and very poor quality. but i am kinda glad noone picked me. cause it doesn't sound like me that much. h3h3h3. and i had a better one but it wouldn't load... boo
rklover13 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness XDD ALL THOSE TIES

Can't wait~~~~~~~~
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I know! Ties galore!
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